No New Bookings Being Taken 

Remaining 2021 Customers

I will be posting final edit USB's out as soon as they are ready.

2022/23 Bookings

All 2022/23 bookings will be going ahead as planned. Please forward your itinerary/group shot plan for your day to the email below a month before the big day.

Covid Postponements

If you need to postpone a wedding, please contact me asap to check availability. I've helped over 100 customers move weddings over the past 18 months (some 3 or 4 times) at no additional cost. Please send me as many date options as you have available, and I'll try and get your booking moved (please be aware that 2022 is extremely full already with Covid Postponed Weddings).

New Enquiries

As of 23/12/21, I'm afraid I'm not taking any more wedding bookings. Over the past 18 months I've helped as many people as possible move their Covid postponed weddings, some numerous times. Since May this year I've driven nearly 30,000 miles relaying up and down the UK between postponed bookings, at no additional cost to my customers. Unfortunately a small number of customers I couldn't help have made my life crippling emotionally and financially, so to protect my own wellbeing I won't be taking any more wedding bookings, and I'll be closing down permanently after my last 2023 wedding booking.