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I've been asked so many times to make a 'How To' Guide for those starting out in Wedding Photography, and after 10 years and over 700 weddings here it is.

1.   How I Get Bookings | Marketing & Advertising

2.  Taking Bookings | My Kit List | Pre-Wedding Prep and Itineraries/Group Shot Plans etc.

3.  The Wedding Day (Getting Ready Pics, The Ceremony, Group Photos, Bride & Groom photos

     and The Evening Reception): A very simple and effective Step by Step guide for each stage with my

Method | Key Shots | Position | Camera Settings | & Simple Posing Guide

4.   Editing and Workflow

I've also included a Word version of my booking form (with my terms and conditions) and the example itinerary group shot plan I send out to my customers - all for you tocopy and use.


And finally... you also get my Lightroom Presets that I use to edit weddings, incljuding

- Colour RAW - Colour Jpeg - Black and White - and my 'Signature Preset' -

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Get your complete Wedding Guide and Preset Bundle for a special offer price of :


Drop me an email for a purchase link.